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Answer: These funds go directly into the “Marnie’s Army” fund under the umbrella of the Cape Cod Foundation. They are immediately tax deductible to the full extent allowed under IRS regulations. Donors will receive a confirmation letter (from CCF) by email usually within a day or two. All $$ in this fund(less maintenance fees) will be awarded to non-profit groups according to Marnie’s wishes.

Answer:Funds received by Marnie’s Army, LLC are used to pay all expenses related to “Marnie’s March To Millway”. These expenses include, but are not limited to: Purchase of T-Shirts and other goods and services necessary to promote and operate the “March”, including event insurance, hall rental(s) and traffic & security personnel as may be required by the Town of Barnstable. Any funds remaining after expenses will be awarded to non-profit groups according to Marnie’s wishes.

Answer: Awards will be made throughout the year when there are sufficient funds to do so. The awards will be targeted specifically to breast cancer research like the IBC Network(Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network) and Cape Cod Music & Theatre like The Cape Cod Conservatory of Music(for vocal scholarships) Barnstable High School Music program and Barnstable Comedy Club, but not necessarily limited solely to these entities.

Answer: Awards are made according to the wishes of the Advisors for Marnie’s fund. The advisors currently are: John Schulenburg(Marnie’s Dad)/Zack Robidas(Marnie’s husband)Allan Schulenburg(Marnie’s brother)/Corinna Schulenburg(Marnie’s sister)